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  • conrad Jansen van Vuuren
    I Recommend This!
    21 May 2024
    The Fly Sky iA6B Recever is undoubtedly a great product and value for money. If correctly installed, 2 antenna in a 90 degree orientation, and positioned a reasonable distance away from esc I never had any signal loss whilst flying in line of sight with this receiver and will entrust it with my most priced model aeroplane.
  • POLAT Tercan
    I Recommend This!
    21 May 2024
  • Cobus Beukes
    I Recommend This!
    15 May 2024
    Used the silicone to lubricate all the rubber seals on my Mercedes SLK vario roof to stop squeaks- worked like a charm.
  • Fred Rothmann
    08 May 2024
    The only thing better than the purchase I made is the service I receive from Melissa and RCKing. I'm lucky enough to work around the corner from their premises so I've never had to wait for delivery and they always provide same day collection on in stock items. Always a pleasure dealing with RCKing. I was concerned about the transmitter and that it may be a piece of crap due to the price but I have absolutely no complaints and I am really impressed. I use it for my heli, planes and my bait boat now. I love that once you've bound a receiver in a model it won't recognize that receiver in a different model selection which avoids accidents where you'd take off with a plane in heli mode, be out of trim, or worse, having control surfaces moving in the wrong direction. I eventually had to switch over from my 35Mhz gear and crystal swapping at some point and this was most certainly a great buy!
  • Lucienne Vogel
    I Recommend This!
    06 May 2024
    Great knowledge about products, my Rc would be down if it wasn’t for Tiaan.
  • Lucienne Vogel
    I Recommend This!
    06 May 2024
    Great service??
  • Micheal Ettershank
    I Recommend This!
    06 May 2024
    very happy, thanks!
  • Mark Read
    02 May 2024
    Tiaan was very knowledgable, helpfull and prefesional!
  • Audrey Vermeulen
    I Recommend This!
    29 Apr 2024
    Great service and customer car! My boy loves his car
  • Paul
    25 Apr 2024
    Have not installed them yet, first impresions - not bad for a 50 buck items quality is good for the price and sizewise its smaller than other similar brands.
    Product: SG90 9g Servo
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