RC King's quick start guide to the WLToys Storm

The WLToy's Storm is a great RC car and is ready to run.  Unbox the car carefully and hold on to the manual for safekeeping.  These RC Car manuals are very handy especially when you require replacement parts.

You will need 4 AA batteries for the transmitter as these are not included.  

This car comes standard with a high power Lithium battery.  Lithium batteries require extra special care so it's very important that you as the operator understand how to look after the battery.  Read the following article for more information.  A Guide to understanding LiPO batteries.

Now that you have a good understanding of Lithium batteries, you should go ahead and plug the supplied USB charger into a USB adaptor.  A 5v 2A Adaptor is recommended.  Plug the battery balance connector into the charger, a red light will come on. When the light turns green, the battery will be fully charged and balanced.  Remember to never leave a battery unattended during the charging process.

Insert the fully charged battery into the car.  Turn on the Transmitter, plug in the battery and then turn the car on.  For safety, the following sequence is always used.  Transmitter on and then the car on.   When you are finished, Car off, and then the transmitter off.

If you opted for a secondary battery, it's always a good idea to just leave the car to stand for a bit of time to allow the motor to cool before running again.

Something to keep in mind: 

All RC cars are designed for driving and not for crashing so ensure you have sufficient space to operate your amazing WEL Toys Storm. 
At any speed, but especially at 40km/h, any side impacts into walls or trees or accidents that cartwheel the car, will impact the steering mechanism and in turn the steering servo potentially damaging it.
Check the car between each run to ensure all screws, nuts and bolts are tight.  That the car is free from debris or anything that could bind the drive motor or the steering servo.
The trigger and steering wheel on the remote control have hard limits.  Exceeding the hard limits will ruin your transmitter.  
Do not drop the transmitter, as this could damage sensitive components in the transmitter.

Thankfully you have chosen a hobby-grade RC car and as such there are many spares available.  For the most common spares please visit the WL Toys Spare Parts.

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