Car Accessories

Heatsinks with fan, Rock Cruiser plastic kits, Car lights, Body clips, Antenna tubes and Battery Straps

Car Accessories


  • Bearings

    Each bearing has an inside diameter,
    outside diameter and width diameter
    in that order. Most bearings are metric
    in size, but can also be imperial.

    d or ID = Inside diameter
    D or OD = Outside diameter
    B/T  or WD = Width diameter

  • Bodies & Shells

    Bodies / Shells for 1/10, 1/12 and 1/8 Scale Monster Trucks and 1/10 Drift cars

  • Nitro Car Accessories

    Glow starter w/Charger, Glow plug, Pinion Gears, Tygon Tubing, Silicone Fuel Line and O Rings

  • Pinions & Gears

    Motor pinion gears. Imput gears. Main diff gears. M1 gears. Metal upgrade gears.

  • Rock Cruiser Accessories

    Rock Cruiser Plastic Accessories, Body Clips and Antennas

  • Tamiya Car Parts &...

    Tamiya Spares and Hop Up pars

  • Tamiya Paints

    Tamiya Spray Paint

  • Tyres & Wheels

    Tyres and wheels for 1/10 Grampus, Brontosaurus, Mongoose, Planet, and Drift car

  • Thunder Innovation

    Spares, products and accessories by Thunder Innovation

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