Gatling Gel Blaster M314 Minigun
  • Gatling Gel Blaster M314 Minigun
Gatling Gel Blaster M314 Minigun

Gatling Gel Blaster M314 Minigun


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Gatling Gel Blaster M314 Minigun

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Basic Information

Brand: Mini MP5

Type: Gatling Gel Ball Blaster M314



Type: Li-ion

Cells: 2S

Voltage: 7.4v

Capacity: 500mah

Charge Time Approx: 240mins

Playing Time Approx: 15-20 mins

Gun Dimension

Length: 57cm

Width: 15cm

Height: 11cm

Package Dimensions

Length: 59cm

Width: 17cm

Height: 11cm

Package Weight

Weight: 1kg

Package Includes

1x Gatling Gell Ball Blaster Toy

1x Gun Head

1x 7.4v Li-ion Battery

1x USB Charger

1x Safety Glasses

1x Gun Strap

1x Water Beads Storage container/ammo box

1x Packet Beads (5000 beads)

Soak the gel balls in water and wait 4 hours. The gel balls will grow until they are 7-8mm in diameter, at which point you can put them in the blaster and fire. When they hit a target, they will explode. No need to be picked up! The rechargeable battery in the gel blaster pistol comes with a USB charging cable, which makes it easy to charge.

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