Totem Hybrid Hinges - Small (20pcs)
  • Totem Hybrid Hinges - Small (20pcs)
  • Totem Hybrid Hinges - Small (20pcs)
Totem Hybrid Hinges - Small (20pcs)

Totem Hybrid Hinges - Small (20pcs)


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Totem Hybrid Hinges - Small Size

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The Hybrid Hinge is made from polyurethane film which has been precision laser cut.  There is a relatively wide key cut on both sides of the hinge ensuring that glue can wick deep into the hinge securing it permanently in place whilst also improving flexibility.  The Hybrid Hinge cannot be removed after the glue has dried without cutting material from the top and bottom of the hinge.  The keyholes have filleted edges and provide excellent, repeatable bendability without compromising the material to ensure your RC plane surfaces can move easily and freely even when under high load.

In addition to the keyholes, a pinhole is laser cut into the hinge to help the builder centre the hinge between the trailing edge and the moving surface during the installation and glueing process.

The Hybrid Hinge gets its name as it can be glued using CA Glue, Cold Glue(wood glue) and Epoxy, and can be installed using any of the popular methods making it unique and easy to use.

The Hybrid hinge can be used for electric and small nitro planes.

Standard Size
18mm x 8mm

20 Hinges per packet

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