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  • Topline Folding Utility Knife

Topline Folding Utility Knife


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The  Topline utility knife is versatile and easy to use with its two lock positions and  easy to remove blade.  The utility knife can be kept at arms length with its handy belt clip!

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Not all Utility knives are created equal. 

The folding utility knife from TopLine is incredibly versatile and easy to use.  Featuring a safety lock for the closed and two open positions makes this knife super safe to use.  Open the knife all the way to use it more like a traditional utility knife or use the intermediate setting which is incredibly comfortable making the knife more agile and precise when trimming or cutting bevels.

When the knife eventually gets dull, simply turn the blade around in the knife and carry on going.  The blade is held securely in place, however has a quick release mechanism allowing the blade to be rotated or changed instantly without requiring any external tools.

This product includes:
1 x Super Awesome Topline Folding Utility Knife with blade guard.
6 x High Quality Stanley Blades and Spring Loaded Blade Holder.

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