Balsa Wood 2mm
  • Balsa Wood 2mm
  • Balsa Wood 2mm
Balsa Wood 2mm

Balsa Wood 2mm


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Balsa Wood for Model Building

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Totem Balsa is high-quality wood, ideal for model building and other hobby projects.  

Balsa wood is prized for its lightweight and strong properties, making it an ideal material for creating model airplanes, boats, and structures.  The wood is easy to work with and can be carved, sanded, or painted to add detail to a model.

Balsa wood can be easily glued using a variety of adhesives, including cyanoacrylate (super glue), wood glue (cold glue), and epoxy. These adhesives provide strong and durable bonds, ensuring that your models will hold up over time. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using any adhesive, as some may require special handling or curing times. Additionally, sanding or roughing up the surface of the balsa wood before applying the adhesive can help to improve the bond.

Balsa sheet Size 100mm x 1000mm x 2mm

Please note: purchasing more than 1 of the 2mm is advisable for shipping purposes. We will do our best to package the Balsa as securely as possible. :)

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