ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
  • ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
  • ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
  • ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
  • ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
  • ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
  • ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
  • ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
  • ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz
ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz

ST Model Discovery RTF 2.4GHz


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ST Model Discovery Trainer Plane 2.4GHz

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The ultimate, get in the air the first time, ready to fly trainer model.

Learning to fly is what the ST model Discovery is all about.  Everything from beginning to end has the new pilot in mind.  There is no glue required to assemble the model and 4 screws and 2 grub screws is all it takes to get this plane into the air.  This way the new pilot can focus on learning to fly, instead of spending hours, days or even weeks putting a model together.

The computer designed structure has been optimised to give the best combination of stable performance, docile handling and durability. With extensive experience in designing complex EPO moulded models with carbon fibrere-inforcement and injection moulded plastic, ST Model have created a modern masterpiece in trainer design. Much of the structure is hidden deep inside but can be seen in strong light conditions as the EPO moulding becomes more transparent. For you, the pilot, that is kind of unimportant as it is all pre-built inside.

When you are learning, the likelihood of a 'less than perfect' landing has been thought about too. There is a heavy duty, sprung noseleg and tough aluminium undercarriage. That main undercarriage is screwed to a special plastic moulding incorporated, longitudinally inside the foam fuselage. The screws are designed to pull out rather than damaged the fuselage in a heavy arrival. 

The semi-symmetrical, tapered wing with anti tip-stall, curved wing tips will give all the correct characteristics in both calm and windy conditions plus a docile stall. The ailerons are responsive yet progressive without giving over-control to panic a learner. In fact, the same kind of progressive response comes from the elevator too. The rudder and nose wheel are connected for positive direction control on the ground and smooth response in the air. 

Thrust is courtesy of a powerful, outrunner style, brushless motor and a 30A brushless electronic speed controller (ESC). The propeller is an impact absorbing 10 x 5 that has been matched to the motor for high thrust and low current consumption. A 3 cell 1800mAh Li-po battery should give around 10 minutes of flight time under normal 'training' conditions. There is room to fit a bigger capacity battery too if you want and it will have very little effect on the centre of gravity and handling. We recommend the Intellect 3S 2100mAh or 2200mah 20C Lipo battery as an alternative. 

The Transmitter is a 2.4GHz Microzone MC6C Transmitter. 

MicroZone are a brand new radio manufacture to the UK, with many years experience manufacturing for other companies. MicroZone have taken the bold step to build their own brand.

MicroZone have market leading technology and systems which enable them not only to produce a great looking transmitter with internal antennas but also apply that same streamlined approach to their receivers as well, making installation in most models a much easier option!

Microzone Mc6c 2.4GHz Transmitter
Microzone Mc6c 2.4GHz Receiver
1800mah 11.1v 3S 15C Lipo Battery
Lipo balance charger

Span 1460 mm
Length 1220 mm
Weight 1250 g

Basic Information

Brand: ST Model

Scale: N/A

Type: Fixed Wing

Material: EPO


Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Channels: 6ch

Mode: 2 (left hand throttle)

Requires: 4 x AA batteries


Power System

Motor: Brushless

ESC: 30A Brushless


Wingspan: 1460mm

Length: 1220mm


Type: LiPO

Cell: 3s

Voltage: 11.1v

Capacity: 1800Mah (15c)


Weight: +-1250g

Package Includes

1 x ST Model Plane

1 x Microzone Mc6c 2.4GHz Transmitter

1 x Lipo Battery

1 x Lipo Balance Charger

1 x Cable for Balance Charger

1 x Prop

1x User Manual for Charger

1 x Packet of accessories

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