Aluminium Heatsink with Cooling Fan on Side


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Aluminium Heatsink with 5-6v cooling fan.

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The aluminium heat sink is anodized blue to add to the look of any RC car, so it doesn't just cool the motor, but looks good in the process.

The heat sink is easy to install, it snaps onto a 540 size motor without the use of any tools and the cooling fan is plugged directly into a spare port on the receiver (5-6v).  The cooling fan is designed to maximize heat dissipation from the heat sink ensuring that your motor is running cooler which in turn allows the motor to run as intended, providing maximum power without heat reducing the efficiency of the magnets and coils in the motor.

Note:  Some motors magnets will interfere with the cooling fan.  If this occurs change the orientation of the fan or move the heatsink until the fan can turn freely.

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