Totem Creator Foam Board
  • Totem Creator Foam Board
  • Creator Foam Board 3mm - Similar to FliteTest Foam Board / Dollar Tree / Makerfoam
Totem Creator Foam Board
  • Totem Creator Foam Board

Creator Foam Board 3mm - Similar to FliteTest Foam Board / Dollar Tree / Makerfoam


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Totem Creator Foam Board - 3mm

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Totem has recently introduced their new Creator Foam Board, which is known for its durability and versatility. The creator foam board is coated with a special paper that allows for easy customization, including laser cutting, etching, and the application of paints, spray paints, and decals. This material is perfect for building different airplane designs.

At RC King, we believe in the high quality of this product and want to make it accessible to everyone in the RC flight community. With its ease of customization, this material is sure to bring your designs to life. We would love to hear your feedback on the performance of this product.

So, go ahead and give it a try. Happy building and flying!

Totem Creator Foam Board is superior to Dollar Tree / Make Foam Board as the paper is firmly glued to the foam core making the composite structure much strong.  Each sheet of Creator Foam Board is almost twice the size of Dollar Tree / Maker Foam Board and only weighs 0.0016grams more per cm2.

This creator foam board is ideal for building FliteTest Models. FliteTest plans are available from  RC King's Rapid build Series also makes use of this foam board. The Foam Board consists of paper on each side with a foam inner core.

Grade AA

Thickness: 3mm 
Sheet Size: 1016x813mm
Weight: 280grams per sheet

The paper on this foam is a little more heavy duty and peeling it away from the foam requires more effort.

*Note that delivery for this product in not available as it is not courier friendly unless you wish to purchase large quantities of this foam board, please contact us to make a special arrangement.  Local Stock is available for purchase in store.

 Shipping possible if bulk foam is purchased, please follow this link

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