Totem Fuels Castor Oil (1L)
  • Totem Fuels Castor Oil (1L)
  • Totem Fuels Castor Oil (1L)
Totem Fuels Castor Oil (1L)

Totem Fuels Castor Oil (1L)


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Totem Performance Fuels Castor Oil (1L)

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Totem Performance Fuels Castor Oil is high-grade and perfect for model engines. It can be blended effectively with methanol, and nitro and can be mixed in conjunction with other oils, including synthetic.

Lab results show that castor / synthetic mixes help create a fuel where model engines enjoy cleaner running because of the synthetic oil and enjoy superior protection at high temperatures because of the caster oil, especially during lean runs where the synthetic oil is simply not up to the task.

This Castor Oil is first cold pressed, Unrefined, Hexane Free, 100% Certified and Lab Tested.

Some of the advantages of castor oil include:

- Excellent lubrication properties even at high temperatures.
- Very high film strength.
- Very high boiling point.
- Extremely high ignition point, discouraging participation in the combustion process.
- Excellent engine purging due to most of the oil passing through the engine without losing lubrication properties.
- Low operating temperatures due to its assisted cooling.
- Additional protection during lean runs where synthetic oils cannot protect the engine.
- Does not cause ill effects like synthetic oils do.
- When used in conjunction with synthetic oils, varnishing or gumming of a motor over extended use or extended storage is limited or eradicated.
- When mixed with synthetic oils, protects the engine during high temperatures and lean runs whereas synthetic oils on their own fail to protect an engine.
- Can be used on its own to provide full engine protection, unlike synthetic which requires castor as an additive to provide full engine protection.

For long-term storage, ensure the engine is cleaned and treated with after-run oil.  ATF works very well.

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