Delta Dart DLG Slopie or Motorized Glider Kit


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Balsa Wood Pack

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The Delta Dart is a unique model as it can be built as a DLG Slopie or as a motorized delta glider.  The insanely low wing loading makes either configuration excellent as this model picks up on thermals easily, requires only the smallest updraft to stay aloft and as a motorized glider is a pleasure to dart about the sky hunting for thermals.

The Delta Dart was developed and produced locally by James Roney and Roy Harvey who share a mutual passion for model aviation.  

The balsa used in our models are top grade and each piece is selected carefully to ensure the right balsa is used to enhance the models performance.  The airframe design makes use of carbon tubes and carbon flat bar is strategic locations to reduce overall weight and increase wing strength and rigidity.

Parts are precision CNC laser cut and the wood-pack features a full 1:1 scale plan.

Please go ahead and download the detailed build manual under "attachment" to find out more info!


1 x 1:1 Detailed Scale Plan (A0 Size)
3 x Laser cut balsa sheets
2 x Laser cut ply sheets
1 x 1.2m 3mm Carbon Tube
1 x 1m 6mm Carbon Tube
1 x 0.5m 0.5mm Flat Bar

Note:  This is a wood pack kit but includes all carbon tubes and flat bar.

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