Caring for the WLToys Storm and Battery

The Storm is a great car.  It comes with a Li-Ion battery which requires the same care as a LiPO battery.

We add an alarm buzzer to the contents of the Storm which is used to assist the user as an alarm for when the li-ion battery has reached 3.3v to 3.8v (which will need to be set on the buzzer itself and voltage is dependent on user preference). Once the buzzer alarm sounds, unplug the battery, and allow it to cool before recharging it. If the car is used without the alarm buzzer, the Li-Ion battery may get over discharged and that will cause the battery to become unusable. The li-ion battery does need to be charged before first use.

After using one battery, it is always a good idea to just leave the car to stand for a bit of time to allow the motor to cool before adding a second battery.

If the car is in use and the car's steering gets stuck somewhere, if the user tries to get the car's steering unstuck by using the transmitter, this can blow the steering motherboard as well as the steering servo. It is always best, when the car steering gets into a stuck position, to use a hand to help free it. This can happen within the first 10 seconds of using the car.

 To end off, the Storm is a great car and definitely lots of fun.